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"There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life."
- Lin Yutang

tea poetry contest


By Judy Larkin | Mar 28, 2021

CONTEST CELEBRATES NATIONAL POETRY MONTH WITH TEA-THEMED POEMS Tea is a refreshment that brings the world together. Every year around the world, three billion tons of tea are produced for consumption. And every morning two billion people drink tea before beginning their day. To honor how a perfectly steeped cup of tea can make the…

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happy purim

Happy Purim. Hope you enjoy your Hamantaschen!

By Judy Larkin | Feb 24, 2021

February 25th is the start of the Jewish Holiday of Purim.  To be quite truthful, I had never heard of it until starting to do research for our last newsletter which was about celebrations in the month of February.  It amazes me that such a big holiday for a large part of our country’s population…

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loose leaf tea


By Judy Larkin | Feb 12, 2021

This Quiz Will Tell You How Much You Love Tea Sometimes you like something without loving it, and sometimes you’re so totally infatuated that you can’t see straight. This quiz will show you where you land on the tea love spectrum—so you can decide whether this is a casual fling, or whether it’s time to…

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a snowy path


By Judy Larkin | Feb 12, 2021

FESTIVE FEBRUARY A MONTH FULL OF CELEBRATIONS February can so often be a dull and dreary month and even more so with many people still in lockdown.  Can you believe it has almost been almost a year since we have lived like this?  How naive we all were to think the pandemic would be over…

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saint brigid


By Judy Larkin | Feb 1, 2021

February 1st is Saint Brigid Day, the only female patron saint of Ireland. Everyone is familiar with St. Patrick’s Day but how many of you know about St. Brigid’s Day?  St Brigid’s Day or Lá Fhéile Bríde as it is known in Gaelic, which lands on 1 February each year, also marks the first day…

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brown leaf

October Newsletter

By Judy Larkin | Oct 18, 2020

Dear Friends:  We are now six months into our altered reality.  Even though I try to keep positive there are times when I am anxious and stressed.  I worry about the political unrest all over the world; the economic upheaval caused by the pandemic; when I will be able to see my sister and family …

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bee balm flowers

What Gives Earl Grey its Unique Flavor?

By Judy Larkin | Sep 9, 2020

Earl Grey is probably the most recognized tea blend in the world. It is flavored by Bergamot oil to deliver a calming and aromatic citrus character. The oil comes from bergamot orange (Citrus Bergamia) which is a citrus fruit grown chiefly in Italy. The tree yields a yellow-green pear-shaped fruit, the peel of which is valued by…

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women’s suffrage centennial

Tea Started the Women’s Suffrage Movement

By Judy Larkin | Aug 25, 2020

August 26, 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and American women’s constitutional right to vote. Did you know that the Women’s Suffrage Movement Started Over a Cup of Tea? On July 9, 1848 five women met for afternoon tea in Waterloo, NY at the home of Jane Hunt.  Her guests were Elizabeth…

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July 29th is National Lipstick Day

By Judy Larkin | Jul 29, 2020

Why should we celebrate Lipstick Day?  One good reason is because adorning the lips with a bright color helps elevate the mood and create joy and confidence.  Another reason, currently, don’t we just need something to celebrate and feel good about? Lipstick have a long history. It dates back to 2500BC when the first lipsticks…

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