Beeswax and Chai Ornament


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This teapot ornament was handcrafted and will last for years.  It has a light honey scent from the honey left in the comb after the honey is extracted which we have enhanced with the aroma of Chai. The art of molding wax is a centuries old German tradition. German bakers first created beeswax ornaments using wooden cookie molds and museums in Europe display ornaments which are  300 years old.

Beeswax can develop a hazy, powdery film known as bloom.  When this happens warm the wax with a blow drier and it will become shiny again or  wash it with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.   Beeswax will not melt in your home as it has a melting point of 142F.

Beeswax is beautiful to smell and touch and these carefully handcrafted ornaments are things of beauty and a reminder of our connection to the natural world.


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