Holiday Tea Gift Sampler


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Tis the season to try our holiday teas! This holiday tea assortment is a great gift or stocking stuffer. The gift set contains a spoon to measure a perfect cup of tea and four bags of tea, each containing half an ounce which will make five cups of tea.

  • Snowflake (No-Caffeine)

A luxury rooibos blended with almonds, papaya pieces and added flavors of marzipan and fruit finished off with a delicate snowflake candy and tiny silver dragees.  This tea is guaranteed to put a smile on your face even on the longest of winter nights.

  • Orange & Spice

The Orange & Spice tea is a comforting blend of full-bodied black teas with the finest cinnamon, orange peel and cloves.  The result is a very aromatic tea that has the flavor of zesty orange and spicy cinnamon.  Tastes excellent hot or cold.  The addition of sugar and orange liqueur creates a warming hot toddy

  • Candy Cane

The holidays just aren’t complete without candy canes. Our wonderful, smooth black tea blend will fill you with a warm Christmas spirit and leave you feeling jolly. There’s no need to wait for a visit from Santa to enjoy this yuletide favorite. It’s the next best thing to eating a candy cane!

  • Holiday

Ceylon tea infused with extracts of cranberry and vanilla, then cinnamon, orange peel, and cranberries are delicately blended in by hand.  This was a top prize winner in the Flavored Black Tea category at the 2011 World Tea Expo.


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