Irish Whiskey Cream

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This tea is very fragrant and ultra-smooth  to the palate with a delightful lingering after taste.  You might think you are sipping hot Irish Bailey Cream liqueur!  (Irish Cream Liqueur dates to the 6th century when Irish monks traveled to the Middle East and learned the art of distilling.  The monks, who were also famed dairymen, found that blending their whiskey with fresh cream produced their well known concoction).
We consider this blend to be the perfect after dinner tea but many people tell us they savor it at breakfast time.

Ingredients: Black tea, coca bits (15%) natural flavoring.

“The milky, nearly sweet flavor of this black tea blend is truly reminiscent of the traditional Irish liqueur, making it perfect for any time of the day.” – Janice Ritter, Program Manager, Tea Time Magazine. 

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3 reviews for Irish Whiskey Cream

  1. Barb McMahan (verified owner)

    Wonderful flavor. My friend and I enjoyed this tea very much.

  2. William Larkin

    Wonderful flavor. My friend and I enjoyed this tea very much.
    – Barb McMahan

  3. Leigh A Leigh (verified owner)

    A tea that smells and tastes so much like Bailey’s! Absolutely delicious, recommend using a tad of milk.

    • William Larkin

      I especially love the aroma of the tea when one first opens the bag and the enjoyment increases from there.

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