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Kathmandu Green is a premium green tea that undergoes minimal oxidation in processing. This helps in retaining the plant’s natural appearance and color. It also preserves the healthy properties of the plant.

A complex flavor due to the processing technique. Kathmandu Green is roasted which preserves its mellow favors and subtle taste. It has floral aromas and grassy taste notes. The infused leaves give a marine scent, which is how the quality of green teas are technically determined. More the marine scent, better the quality.

Certifications:  USDA Organic & CERES Certified


1 review for Kathmandu Green Tea

  1. Lori Ann

    Another new favorite! I mostly stick to green teas for my health and do organic (and fair trade) as much as I can and this is all of that plus a delight to drink! It is exactly as the description says: mellow with faint floral aroma and light grassy notes. I don’t think I could find better words. It’s a welcome treat of mild, light goodness, refreshing and delicious with each cup.

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