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Lemon Souffle

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A refreshing blend of rooibos, honeybush, lemon bits, calendula and blue corn flower petals.  This is a tea with a wonderful aroma that is equally as good hot or iced.

2 reviews for Lemon Souffle

  1. Julie Hartman

    I purchased this tea today at a small Celtic Festival in Western Maryland. I made a cup as soon as I came home, using 12 ounces of water, 3 teaspoons of tea, and 1 teaspoon of honey. It is so delicious! When I bring the cup to my lips to drink it, the aroma smells like a sweet, lemon baked good. I will be buying more when this bag is empty!

  2. Julie LaPlant

    I found a sample of this tea at a local health food store & it smells amazing and tastes even better! I think my kids might even like this one!
    (Disclaimer: I always drink tea with cream & sugar)

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