Strawberry Moon


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June’s full moon – typically the last full moon of spring or the first of summer has traditionally been called the Strawberry Moon.

The name “Strawberry Moon” was used by Native Americans to make the ripening of the strawberries during the month of June.  As flowers bloom and early fruit ripens, June is a time of great abundance for many.

The strawberry moon will peak on June 14 in 2022.   This year it will be super moon!

Our Strawberry Moon fruit blend was created to celebrate these juicy, red berries which signify the beginning of summertime fun.

Makes a refreshing iced tea or frozen popsicles.

Ingredients:  Apple, Carrot, Hibiscus, Blueberry, Elderberry, Strawberry, Rosehip Shells, Petals (Rose, Sunflower, Elderflower, Safflower, Cornflower) Blackberry Leaves, Natural & Artificial Flavor.


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