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Round out your Thanksgiving menu with food and teas that pair perfectly with this annual feast.


If drinking tea along with the meal you will want to have a tea that can stand up to the multiple flavors of Thanksgiving dinner like the succulent turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, tart cranberry sauce and not to forget the green bean casserole.

Look for a bold, unflavored black tea that will pair perfectly with those traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Much like a red wine, black teas are high in tannins and tend to have the most robust flavor when it comes to tea varietals.

The reason you want a simple black tea is that your dishes already contain a variety of different flavors, and it is difficult to find a blend with additional ingredients that will pair well with all of them. Also, the caffeine in black tea will also keep you energized on this busy day.

If you don’t like black tea- a smooth, aromatic Oolong pairs well with roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, and all that butter.


This is the time to think of the flavored blends. Why not amplify that pumpkin note with our Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin spice blends? Or, as so many Thanksgiving desserts seem to contain cinnamon, how about Cinnamon Apple or Cinnamon Roll?

If you’re trying to watch your weight and plan to skip desert all together, consider a cup of Chocolate Mint or Chocolate Orange. They taste like dessert in a cup but with no calories!


If you eat too much… and who doesn’t at Thanksgiving? Don’t reach for the Pepto-Bismol, try a cup of Puerh. The micro-organisms in Puerh increase the healthy bacteria in the stomach and intestines and in turn, help our digestion.

Furthermore, it helps break down oily and fatty foods. It is no wonder that there is a tradition of serving Puerh at Dim Sum restaurants around Hong Kong and China to balance all the delicious but greasy foods.


Need something to help you get to sleep after a long busy day? Our Lullaby blend will have you calm and cozy with only a few sips. The herbs in this blend, which include valerian, are known to promote healthy sleep. Lullaby will round out your day and carry you into the sweetest of dreams. This is such a relaxing blend to sip on after a long day when you’re probably feeling both thankful but incredibly overwhelmed. It’s a good way to calm down your mind and take a moment for yourself.

We hope that these suggestions for tea & food pairings for Thanksgiving dinner will enhance your enjoyment of the meal.

May you find a quiet moment in the day to enjoy tea and let every sip remind you of something you're thankful for.

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