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October Newsletter

Dear Friends:

We are now six months into our altered reality.

Even though I try to keep positive there are times when I am anxious and stressed. I worry about the political unrest all over the world; the economic upheaval caused by the pandemic; when I will be able to see my sister and family in Europe again and how long we will be able to keep the business going.

How are you doing?

Although we are told to keep a “blessings” journal have read that University of Texas scientists have found that folks who vented about their worries in a “frustration journal” for 15 minutes a day, were 47% more likely to stay healthy. Why? Apparently, writing about troubles stimulates the immune system so it churns out more infection-fighting white blood cells.

Now, more than ever, you need to take care of yourselves. The very ritual of brewing a cup of tea can be used for a time of centering and relaxation.

Best wishes,

Judy Larkin

How Times Have Changed!

What would our ancestors think if they could see how casually we all dress, especially now that we are working from home and more or less confined to the house? A lot of people are confessing to wearing pj’s all day long. A totally different situation from when tea gowns were considered casual wear for ladies of fashion.

Originating in the 1880’s tea gowns were considered a form of undress and were usually loose fitting and although they did not require a corset, many fashionable women were reluctant to forgo them.

The tea gowns came into their own in the 1900s and were intended to allow a time of relaxation in private, especially in the late afternoon, before it was necessary to start dressing formally for dinner. Never ever, would women have ventured out of their private quarters wearing such a gown.

The sensuous garments were intended to show feminine curves unrestricted by stays. Photographs record how the soft lines of the ample Edwardian figure were revealed beneath the clinging lines of the dress. The gowns that have survived were made of wispy chiffon and pleated mousseline de soie or silk, finely trimmed with lace and delicate embroidery.

In 1902, in The Cult of Chiffon, the tea gown was described as “a garment of mystery which can be a very complete reflection of the wearer. The ideal tea gown ‘of accordion pleated chiffon, lace and hanging stoles of regal furs’ was just one example of the garment which could be worn ‘in our own drawing rooms, when the tea-urn sings at five o’clock, we can don these garments of poetical beauty.”

Fall Tea Deals You Don't Want To Miss.

The leaves are falling and so are our prices. We have marked down the price of the following teas to $6.00:

  • Blood Orange - Fruit Blend
  • Cinnamon Apple - Fruit Blend
  • Cape Cod Cranberry - No Caffeine
  • Pumpkin Spice - No Caffeine
  • Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie - Flavored Black
  • Hogwarts’ Butterbeer Brew - Flavored Black

Do not delay. Place your order soon because the sale will end on October 31, 2020.

Give the Perfect Gift for Friends, Family and Clients

Want to send gift of tea but hesitate because you don’t know what kind of teas people like? We are now offering e-gift cards that can be emailed directly to the recipient who can make their own personal choices on-line. Their selection will then be shipped directly to them.

It is so easy, time-saving and safe as there is no need to personally go to the store and to the post office.

Pumpkin-Ginger Oat Scones

We just released our fall scone recipe - Pumpkin Ginger Oat Scones. What more could you ask for? Link Below
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