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This Quiz Will Tell You How Much You Love Tea

Sometimes you like something without loving it, and sometimes you’re so totally infatuated that you can’t see straight. This quiz will show you where you land on the tea love spectrum—so you can decide whether this is a casual fling, or whether it’s time to drop the “L word.”

1. Do you ever turn down a cup of tea when it’s offered to you?

A. Why would I do that?

B. Regularly if I’m in the middle of doing something else.

C. Sometimes if I’m not in the mood for it.

2. Do you bring your tea and tea ware with you when you go travel?

A. I’m okay trying whatever’s offered in the place I’m visiting.

B. Tea is part of an enjoyable holiday and I like it how I like it.

C. Only if I know my options are limited at the place I’m visiting.

3. How important are time and temperature when you steep a cup or pot of tea?

A. Water temperature and steep time bring out tea’s true flavor, and I’ve spent time perfecting both.

B. Fairly important. I’m careful about water temperature and steep time, but I haven’t perfected it yet.

C. I know steep time and water temperature are important, but I don’t always pay attention to them.

4. If someone told you it’s time to stop drinking tea, what would you do?

A. I’d say fat chance—it’s never going to happen.
B. I’d ask them what bothers them about tea and see if I could change their mind.
C. I’d consider it if they had good reasons.

5. Do you take pictures and sometimes post about tea to social media?

A. Definitely. I’ve got a handful of images and I’ve posted a few times to social media.
B. Not really. I might have 1 or 2 images, but I haven’t really socialized my tea experiences.
C. All the time. I’ve got plenty of tea images and by now, everyone in my social network knows I’m obsessed with tea.

Tea Spectrum Scoring.

Take a look at how you answered each question and add up the points corresponding to each response.

  1. A3, B1, C2
  2. A1, B3, C2
  3. A3, B2, C1
  4. A3, B2, C1
  5. A2, B1, C3

You’re Officially in Love

13-15 points

Congratulations! You said the “L word” a long time ago. How does it feel?

Now that you and Tea are going steady, it’s about nurturing and sustaining your lifelong partnership. Tend to your love by trying more of the specialty teas from Larkin Tea.

You’re “in Like” with Tea

9-12 points

While you’re not ready to drop the “L word,” you’re warming up to the idea. Tea is part of your life experience, and it’s a pleasant one at that! Try sampling tea alongside other tea lovers to see if you’re ready for that kind of commitment.

Tea is an Option (Among Many)

5-8 points

You wouldn’t say tea is your favorite beverage, but you enjoy it from time to time. People who are tea-obsessed frighten you, and you think it’s better to have a variety of drinks to choose from. So, while you won’t be walking down the altar with Tea anytime soon, buy a sampler from Larkin Tea and try out different teas as your fancy takes you.

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