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The Larkin Tea Company

Black Rose - Connoisseur Collection

Black Rose - Connoisseur Collection

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This unique high grown, fully oxidized tea has been blended and then compressed into the shape of a chocolate bar that can be easily broken by hand.

Yunnan Black tea has been blended with rose petals which are also grown in Yunnan.    

Splendid tea deserves to be presented in the finest of boxes and our Black Rose comes in a beautiful imported metal box adorned with pink roses.  (Box size: 7" x 4")

Tasting Notes: Rose flowery and caramel sweet.

Origin Info: 

  • Garden: Mt. Yunpan Pu’er, Yunnan
  • Altitude: 1380m+
  • Ingredients: Yunkang 10#/ Yunnan Rose flower
  • Basic tea Oxidation: 100%
  • Basic tea Roasting: Medium
  • Unique process: Blending and compressing into chocolate shape
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