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The Larkin Tea Company

Ceylon (Lumbini OP1)

Ceylon (Lumbini OP1)

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This single estate black tea is grown at a level of 2,000 ft. in the Ruhunu region where teas tend to be full bodied and thick, with a more robust feel than the high grown teas Sri Lanka is typically famous for. Lumbini OP1 is a stunning example of this regional characteristic. It is a satisfying tea at any time of the day with a taste that is fresh and smooth and a plum-like finish. When brewed the liquor is a vibrant coppery red.

The estate is considered one of the area’s finest and its factory has a three-star rating which is the highest ranking by the Sri Lankan Tea Board. In addition, the estate has received awards and recognition from around the world for the excellent quality of their products.

Judy has had the pleasure to visit this estate numerous times and has always been impressed with the superb quality of their teas AND how happy their employees are.

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