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The Larkin Tea Company

Golden Dragon Yellow Tea - Connoisseur Collection

Golden Dragon Yellow Tea - Connoisseur Collection

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Inspired by traditional Chinese yellow tea, we wanted a tea less “grassy”, but keeping the robustness, and if could be more flowery, that would be an extra bonus! So, this yellow tea was created, fresh from the finely plucked young buds on the Mt. Cloudy Tea Estate. The cup is immensely floral with a delicate butter texture and notes of wild honey. Steep it again and add ice for a refreshing experience. It is the freshest and most aromatic cup of first flush tea from the Yunnan highlands you will ever taste!

Origin info: 

  • Garden: Mt. Cloudy Tea Garden, Pu'er Yunnan. Altitude 1380m+
  • Cultivar: Snow buds 100#
  • Oxidation: 10%
  • Roasting: Medium
  • Unique process: innovation oxidation, slow rolling.
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