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Keemun Hao Ya B

Keemun Hao Ya B

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Hao Ya B, a Keemun black tea from China is made in late spring and offers great taste and value.  

Keemun Hao Ya B tends to have wiry, thin, slightly curved leaves with a very dark color, almost black, sometimes slightly silvery. It is a tippy tea, making it more strongly caffeinated than lower grades of Keemun. 

The overall character is similar to other Keemuns. The aroma is slightly smoky, but this tea is often described as having a floral scent suggestive of orchid.

The name – Keemun – is an Anglicized version of Qimen, a small town where the tea was originally grown. The unique taste of the tea made it quite famous, becoming it a favorite among the British Royal family.  Even today, Keemun tea is an important ingredient  in English Breakfast blends.

Ingredients:  Black Tea 

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