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Lung Ching

Lung Ching

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Lung Ching is grown in Hangzhou in the West lake region of Zhejiang province of eastern China.

If you don't like green tea, you haven't tried Lung Ching tea. It's a beautiful tea plant that will transform your love for green tea.  It has a very high antioxidant level and a low caffeine level.

Its common names are Dragon Well, Long Jing, Longjing tea, Lung Ching

There's no mistaking the buttery yellow liquor of this tea. Lung Ching green tea with its

flattened spear-like leaves open to reveal two leaves when brewed. One of China's

best and most well-known teas. It is full-bodied, brisk (astringent) tea that tastes a little

like toasted nuts with some vegetal notes of a classic green tea.

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