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Orchid Jade

Orchid Jade

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This is a green tea version of the classic Orchid Jade oolong combining cultivars from Taiwan and then processed in Yunnan, China.

Jinzuan/Ruanzhi cultivars are used for oolong tea, so don’t be surprised to find some oolong characteristics in this green tea!  Another aspect of oolong is the step called “fresh leaves shaking” which was incorporated in the preparation.  This makes the moisture in the stem spread evenly to the edge of the leaves.  The edges of the leaf are slightly broken and then a light oxidation takes place, adding extra aroma.

We have brewed this tea with a range of temperatures from cold to boiling water.  Lower temperatures display a grassy creaminess and sweetness, while the higher temperatures produce a richness to the mouthfeel and fragrance.

Origin Info:

  • Garden: Buffalo Tea Garden, Pu’er Yunnan.
  • Altitude: 1900 m
  • Cultivar: Jinzuan/Ruanzhi
  • Oxidation: 3%
  • Roasting: Medium
  • Unique Process: Fresh Leaf Shaking
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