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Pine Needle Black Tea - Connoisseur Collection

Pine Needle Black Tea - Connoisseur Collection

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Named for the cloudy mist that shroud the gardens every day during the summer, the Mt. Cloudy Tea Estates produces a top-quality tea in the springtime. The tea gets its name from a special process that “shakes” the tender leaves so that they resemble the fine needles of a pine tree. A slow baking at 60° to 100° brings out the undertones of rose and then leads to a delicate cocoa-like sweetness.

Origin info: 

  • Garden: Mt. Cloudy Tea Garden, Pu'er Yunnan. Altitude 1380m+
  • Cultivar: Snow buds 100#
  • Oxidation: 100%
  • Roasting: Medium
  • Unique process: straight shape shaking.
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