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Red Dragon Black Tea - Connoisseur Collection

Red Dragon Black Tea - Connoisseur Collection

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A rich floral cup with multi-layered fruity undertones.

Buffalo Tea Estate in Southern Pu’er is a true gem hidden in the Dahei Hills, on the boarders of Myanmar. At an altitude between 1800m~2000m, the plantation involves a rich variety of plantings on steep slopes surrounded by dense forests.

Produced on oolong bushes brought from Taiwan and organically grown, this black tea greets the palate with a rich floral texture and this multilayered infusion highlights flavors of lychee, raspberry, and malt.

Origin info:

  • Garden: Buffalo Tea Garden, Pu'er, Yunnan. Altitude 1900m+
  • Cultivar: Jinxuan/Ruanzhi
  • Oxidation: 100%
  • Roasting: Medium
  • Unique process: Small lot oxidation in bamboo baskets.
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