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Scottish Highland Heather

Scottish Highland Heather

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Heather has been plentiful in Scotland for as long as its history has been written.  It grows freely and abundantly, spreading its purple hues across five million acres of Scottish moorland, glens, and hills.

Myths and magic are tightly woven into Scotland's history.  The Druids considered heather a sacred plant and even today some people consider it to have almost supernatural properties, sort of a 'charm', which is believed to offer protection from harm.

The Chiefs of the Clan MacDonald are said to have attached a spray of wild Scottish heather to their spears.

We can’t promise that drinking our Scottish Highland Heather tea will ward off bad fortune, but it will give you a lot of pleasure!

Ingredients:  Black tea blended with heather blossoms. Dairy Free, Gluten Free & Vegan. 

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