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Silver Needles White Tea - Connoisseur Collection

Silver Needles White Tea - Connoisseur Collection

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Whole, downy buds of loose leaves white tea, sweet spring flavor, a little creamy and smooth textured.

Silver Needle is one of Yunnan's spring specials. Every spring, expert pluckers are invited to ascend high into the mountains to handpick the buds from the naturally, organically grown plants. (1 kg. of silver needs contains more than 5000 buds.) These slim needle-like buds impart a huge amount of a sweet, spring flavor - a little creamy with a smooth texture. The closest thing to fresh tea, it is meant to be sipped and savored. It is a must-try for true connoisseurs.

Origin info: 

  • Garden: Bitter Bamboo, Pu'er Yunnan. Altitude 1800m+
  • Cultivar: Big White
  • Oxidation: 5%
  • Roasting: None
  • Unique process: natural withering under roof.
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